• 5X higher anti-fogging in the clear mouth window 
    • Antimicrobial and anti-scratch protection film
    • Full protection as a mask but user's facial expressions are more visible
    • Reusable for more than 1 week so reduces mask waste
    • Certified by the German Dermatest for skin sensitivity
    • Made in South Korea

    Smile Protector - Clear Window Mask

      • Teachers and students of all kinds
      • Healthcare professionals
      • Inidividuals with hearing loss
      • Interpreters and language learners
      • Customer service representatives
      • FDA Registered
      • SGS tested, 99.9% antimicrobial (#AYSA20-13737)
      • RoHS compliant
      • Certified with ISO 22196 testing standards
      • Certified with JIS Z 2801 testing standards