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  • Low Dead Volume(LDV) Safety Syringe 


    • LDV Sterile Syringe has a threaded luer lock coupling part on the inside of the top, and the inside of the barrel (outer cylinder) gets narrower as it goes up
    • It is a syringe into which the 3-stage conical plunger (rubber plug) and the push rod, which is the role of pressing it, are connected.
    • High transparency by using Medical Device Grade raw material (Polypropylene)
    • FDA approved

    LDV Safety Syringes

    • Safety Guard

      • After injection, simply lift the safety guard until it clicks. It prevents secondary infection and reuse, but helps an easy and safe disposal.

      Low Dead Volume (LDV) 

      • By minimizing the needle hub, the LDV syringe keep the volume of medical product remaining in a syringe after an injection minimal.

      Strile Cap

      • A way to protect the needle in a sterilized packaging
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